We accept handmade knitted, crocheted, quilted, sewn or hand finished fleece blankets. Special care must be taken to insure that blankets are free of smoke and chemical odors, including scented detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets. Blankets must be clean, free of holes, stains and pet hair.

Many of the children who receive our blankets already have compromised immune systems and we don’t want to add to their health problems.

Children and blankets come in all sizes. Below sizes are approximate.

  • Baby - no smaller than 36” square

  • Child – approximately 45 x 60

  • Teen – approximately 50 x 72

  • We do work with some teens that need bed size blankets

Knitted and Crocheted Afghans

  • 100% acrylic yarn – no wool, due to allergies

  • Use small needles or hooks and soft baby yarn when making a blanket for a baby

  • Little fingers, toes and medical equipment can get caught into large, loose, loopy holes

  • If you prefer using larger hooks, consider making an afghan for a child or teen.

  • Leave a long tail and weave in ends. Please do not cut off yarn at knot.


  • We prefer skip stitch fleece blankets with crochet or strippy edge.

  • Please remove selvages

  • Fleece right side out

  • Width of ties must be consistent in size

  • Finished blankets should lie flat and not make a bowl.

  • Fuzzy fleece should only be backed and bound so it doesn’t shed

  • When crocheting around fleece the foundation row needs to be tight and consistent


  • 100% cotton or flannel, kid friendly fabric

  • Please use age appropriate fabric for size of blanket, e.g. don’t use baby fabric on a quilt that is teen size

  • Binding should have no raw edges

  • We accept finished quilts or quilt tops